Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Steps

Joey's Status:
* Off of life support. He is breathing on his own now.
* Still has the feeding tube
* Is coughing alot.
* Eyes seem to respond to verbal queues.
* He hates when they suction his lungs. His face turns red.
* Wakes up off and on.
* Not talking yet.
* Slight fever.

Joey continues to make progress physically. We see progress, but the wait is painful. In God's timing he will snap out of it, and we will be able to start talking with him again. As of now, we just take it one day at a time.

Special thanks to all those who have time to sit with him during the time slots that were setup. The time slots were setup so we can have another pair of eyes watching him to make sure he was ok, and who can watch him better than those who care about him.

Continue to keep Joey, and the family in prayer.

Thank you....

We ask your support:
* To assist Joey's family financially. Any donation is welcome. No amount is to small. We just ask that you help anyway you can. (Please use the paypal link below.) We want to continue to help Joey's wife until Joey is able to return to work. To those who have donated thank you so so much.
* Please continue to lift him up in prayer. We continue to petition God for a full restoration.

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