Sunday, July 4, 2010

Still pressing in.

Joey's status -
* Tracheal tube still in place.
* Eyes still open half way.
* His eyes appear to move from left to right sporadically.
* Slight fever.
* Taking medicine to regulate blood sugar.
* Continuing to take antibiotic.

Went to visit Joey today, and his eyes were half way open. It seems like his eye move from left to right, but just not sure if its controlled at this point. His breathing seems good, however seems like he still has an infection somewhere, but doctors aren't 100% sure where it is. They have been drawing a lot of blood for testing, so he had to get a transfusion.

Still believing, still pressing on.

We ask your support:
* To assist Joey's family financially. Any donation is welcome. No amount is to small. We just ask that you help anyway you can. (Please use the paypal link below.) We want to continue to help Joey's wife until Joey is able to return to work. To those who have donated thank you so so much.
* Please continue to lift him up in prayer. We continue to petition God for a full restoration.

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