Friday, July 2, 2010

Who cares what the doctor says?

Joey's Status -
* Slight fever.
* Lungs are improving.
* Not talking.... yet.
* Not moving... yet
* They removed 1.5 gallons of fluid from around his lung.
* His eyes open half way.

Yesterday was another hard day. We met with the neurologist, and he had nothing good to say. Much of what he said in not so many words was prepare for this to be permanent, and you should decide if you want to remove him off of life support, and his feeding tube.

Silent Response: Thank you doctor. I ask you to just provide only the scientific facts, I don't care much for your opinion. If it was your wife, child, or mom, would you be so quick to pull the plug. Especially since it has been less than two weeks?

We are pro life, and as long as he has a beating heart, and air in his lungs, the opportunity is always there for God to intervene. Every visitation just affirms that God is continuing to do something, and nothing in me tells me he is permanently going to remain this way.

We are in a waiting game. God will come through at the right time, and we will continue to stand on his word.

I know we can't go back in time, but there is still questions about why:

* Why didn't the nurse respond sooner when family members were telling the nurse he was having a hard time breathing?
* Why did they have to sedate him during his painful episode? If they didn't medically sedate him, this might not have happened.
* Why didn't they put him in a hypothermic coma like other hospitals do during this situation? That might have prevented further brain damage, and swelling.

Still hard to fathom how someone goes into a hospital for an infection, and comes out with brain damage.

In any event, our focus is on the future, and we EXPECT him to walk out of the hospital. We are expecting nothing short of a miracle for Joey!

We ask your support:
* To assist Joey's family financially. Any donation is welcome. No amount is to small. We just ask that you help anyway you can. (Please use the paypal link below.) We want to continue to help Joey's wife until Joey is able to return to work. To those who have donated thank you so so much.
* Please continue to lift him up in prayer. We continue to petition God for a full restoration.


  1. Hey Joey!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have prayed everyday for you. You have always been such an uplifting person yourself that I am glad we are able to uplift you now in this time of need. I will be waiting to see you at our 10 year reunion so that you can throw me in the garbage can like old times! You have an amazing family and friends that are right behind you!!!

  2. I love you so much cousin, every moment of everyday you are on my mind. Even when I am asleep you are in my dreams. You are a fighter and day after day you are proving these doctors wrong. I cant wait until we all walk out of that hospital with you and look back and laugh at all of those so called educated physicians. You are a miracle, and baby nicky can't wait to meet his nino. I love you!