Thursday, July 15, 2010

Endurance Test

Joey's Status:
* Still breathing on is own.
* Fever has gone done.
* Coughs periodically.
* Still has the tracheal tube in place.
* May move out of ICU within the next week.
* Not speaking yet.

Progress is slow, but we do see progress week to week with different things. It could be something as small as a slight facial expression, or as big as a sound coming from his vocal cords. One family member mentioned he did make some moaning noises at one point.

We are still in this waiting game. It is a very surreal experience. Just a month ago we were able to talk, joke, and hug. It is a painful thing to ponder on what we could have done more of before this incident. The flip side of this is that we know by faith he will be ok, and we will have plenty of time to make up for those things that we wish we would have done.

All I can say is, don't take you loved ones for granted. Tell them you love them everyday, and put as much effort as you can into appreciating them, and making sure they feel special. Don't wait for a hospital call to realize what you value most in life.

We will continue to rely on God through this situation no matter what. He will be the source of our strength, and provide an outlet where we can direct our burdens. We know upon Joey's return the end result will be:

* Closer family and friends.
* A greater reliance on God.
* A greater faith.

We ask your support:
* To assist Joey's family financially. Any donation is welcome. No amount is to small. We just ask that you help anyway you can. (Please use the paypal link below.) We want to continue to help Joey's wife until Joey is able to return to work. To those who have donated thank you so so much.
* Please continue to lift him up in prayer. We continue to petition God for a full restoration.

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